Long interested in marine art, Dale Byhre has specialized in depicting both historical and modern ships.  Ranging from rocky shorelines and the working boats of the west coast to the fighting ships of World War II, Dale has encompassed a strong appreciation for both ships and the sea, depicting them both with accuracy and reverence.  Dale Byhre's paintings are masterful recreations of a time and place based on long hours of research and study.  Whether a battleship in action during a critical moment in history or fishing docks on a peaceful morning.  

Born and raised on Canada's west coast, Dale developed an early interest in art coupled with a fascination for ships of all manners.  Having been represented by a number of galleries, along with recently been elected into the American Society of Marine Artists, Dale Byhre invites you to explore his new website.  Enjoy the paintings of an artist who truly has an eye for the many subjects he recreates on canvas and the seas and skies that shape their environments.


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